Pitch Decks Versus Business Plans – What You Need To Know (And Why) EHE Director Elliot Smith and Chief Financial Officer Ross Faith explain all


How To Overcome Failure As An Entrepreneur & Take Responsibility

To learn how to overcome failure as an entrepreneur, you must first take 100% responsibility for yourself. That means cultivating the capability to choose how you respond to painful experiences or what you’re currently calling “failures.”
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Your Top Questions About Team Structure And Funding Answered

Last week we explored the ideal team structure. In this article we will answer queries from members of the EHE Capital community who want to deliver top-level pitch decks that share the right balance of information about themselves and their teams.
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How To Bring The Right People On Board To Support Fast Growth

Nobody is good enough (or has enough time) to do everything.
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3 Tactics Entrepreneurs Use To Boost Creativity And Build Business

Passionate entrepreneurs tend to be so “driven” that a “complete day off” seems absurd, yet when you do it and find yourself fully rejuvenated with twice the creativity to drive your business forward, you’ll soon change your belief that hard work alone brings success (in fact it leads to burn out).
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How Finding The Right Tribe Supports You And Your Business

Entrepreneurs like you, renowned for creativity and the ability to make quick decisions, need to associate with other forward-thinking business owners who are willing to embrace both success and failure as learning opportunities.
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The Difference Between Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

The difference between self-confidence and self-esteem is an important one. See, self-esteem is a wish, whereas self-confidence is a fact. Self-esteem is made up without outside proof, and self-confidence is a function of measuring your progress based on the improvement of skills, knowledge, and success.
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Your Top 12 Questions On Pitch Decks Answered

Pitch decks, (brief presentations of your business plan mainly used for investment purposes) raise lots of questions from new and existing entrepreneurs and although there is no “one size fits all” answer, there are common themes that can help you stand out when it comes to getting your business in front of investors (and some common pitfalls to avoid).
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How To Make Your Pitch Deck Stand Out For The Right Reasons

When you’re passionate about your tech business it can be a major challenge to secure funding, because you want to include “everything” in your investor pitch deck (brief presentation of your business plan), but too much info can quickly result in a “no, thank you”.
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2 Business Axioms For Entrepreneurs & For Life

An axiom is a Greek word and philosophical term that refers to something so self-evident that you don’t need any proof of it. I have two business axioms for entrepreneurs that guide me in living my life and running my business.
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