4 Key Cornerstones On Which To Build An Effective People Strategy


How To Set The Stage For Future Growth

When I was going through grade school in the 1950s, my father was a farmer most of the year, but during the winter, he worked at a trucking company in nearby Norwalk, Ohio, the largest small town in our area.
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Give Gossip A Gag Order

When Sarah returned to her business after a rejuvenating vacation, all she heard from her employees were grumblings about one another. Apparently in her absence, there had been a lot of gossip flying around the office. Her administrative team griped about the new operations manager being unavailable and not answering his phone as promised. When Sarah asked him what had happened, he then complained about someone on the admin team being late for work every day that week.
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How To Overcome Friction In Entrepreneurship

Friction holds you back, slows forward momentum toward your goals, and is inevitable along your entrepreneurial journey.
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How ESG Can Be An Opportunity For Fast-Growth Entrepreneurs

On the latest episode of the Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast we were thrilled to welcome Simon Brown. Simon is a partner at Positive Momentum, a business consultancy with a focus on investment and growth from the perspective of ESG.
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The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Family Business

I recently had a fascinating conversation with family business expert Sara B. Stern where she shared the advantages and disadvantages of family business—as well as how to maximize the unique opportunities that come along with the pros and cons.
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How To Be A Great Boss – Part 2

Habits are things you do automatically without thinking about them. You may already do some of these things consistently, while others may take practice to become habits. Here are a few insights to help you think about each of these behaviors and how they positively impact your team.
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Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Investor? Part 2

As it happens, Elliot and Pete’s reflections sparked such a lively debate at EHE HQ that we felt we had to let the rest of the team have their say as well!
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