How To Lay The Foundations For Fast Growth


How To Avoid Micromanaging And Still Get The Results You Want

As an entrepreneur, one of the biggest dangers is to give in to the temptation of becoming a micromanager of some, if not all, aspects of your business. After all, it’s your company, so you know it better than anyone else, and you also have the biggest stake in its future. But micromanaging can be demoralizing, both for the person doing it and for those on the receiving end, and, ultimately, it’s counterproductive to achieving your goals.
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Finding Focus In An Age Of Distraction

Many entrepreneurs have a fantasy about arriving at the office absolutely focused, knowing exactly what they’re supposed to do, and spending the entire day doing important work without ever getting off track.
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Why Businesses Need To Embrace Technology (And How To Make It Less Daunting)

I strongly believe that any company that isn’t either a tech product business or a tech-led business will disappear within the next ten years. Avoiding technology in today’s world simply isn’t an option; embracing technology is a necessity if you want to compete.
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Why Seeking Investment Is About So Much More Than Just The Money

Are you looking to secure investment for your business? Have you considered what the process might include? Sometimes a business needs a fast injection of cash to support growth, but at other times growth is about bringing in the right mentorship and expertise. I recently chatted with a director of the Leonard Curtis Business Solutions Group, Daniel Booth, on the EHE Capital podcast, Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together.
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What Is An Integrated Entrepreneur?

All innovations happen when people use their experiences in a new way. The greatest inventors and entrepreneurs are able to come up with new ideas because they see something, usually something everyone else is seeing, in a different way. They see different possibili­ties and potential—ways to make things bigger, better, faster, or cheaper that no one else had ever considered or acted upon before.
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Helping Entrepreneurs Recognise The Solutions To Business Problems

Being an entrepreneur is a meaningful venture that many have chosen to embrace with the dream of forming their own successful business. It is a way to take your unique ideas and turn them into something real, and better yet, profitable. However, that doesn’t mean entrepreneurship doesn’t come with its share of problems. 
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How To Overcome Common Challenges And Build A High-Performing Team

The team of people that underpins your organisation is one of your greatest assets when it comes to achieving your business vision; if you have team members working outside their unique skill set, or in a role that they’ve outgrown, it’s likely to lead to dissatisfaction and poor performance.
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How To Assess Tradition-Directed, Other-Directed, and Inner-Directed Character Traits As An Entrepreneur

Written by prominent sociologist David Riesman in 1950, The Lonely Crowd: A Study of the Changing American Character is a sociological analysis that provides an exciting framework for understanding people’s values and motivations, and despite being over 70 years old, it’s still useful today.
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How To Access Mind-Blowing Ideas That Help You Grow Your Business

A fantastic way to revolutionise your business is to expand your mindset by engaging with a community of future-focused thought leaders.
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