Why The Right Game Plan Is An Entrepreneur’s Dream By Guy Remond, with special guest John Kenny-Levick

Thursday 24 February 2022

It’s a well-known fact that entrepreneurs thrive on the freedom that comes with running their own business.

However, without a strong sense of purpose that goes way beyond money, fulfilment is often short lived.

When I sold my first business I was thrilled, but I also felt at a loss. I hadn’t considered what I would do with my life once that chapter came to an end. I had no idea what I wanted. I took time out, travelled and spent more time with family, but I had no plan.

To create fulfilment, you need to plan what you want in life, and use your business to help you achieve it, otherwise success is shallow.


When it comes to creating a game plan, John Kenny-Levick of Kenwell Financial Life Planning is an expert. He puts the person first and plans their finances second (listen to us chatting on the Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast).


John uses the following acronym to help clients create a life and business they want:

G - goal setting

A - action taking

M - maximising the means to make it happen

E - executing a plan.


Adopt a new perspective 


Entrepreneurs need to pay attention to more than just the bottom line.


John: “You’re a human being living a life, so we want to find out how much it will cost for you to have the life you want and enjoy wealth across the board. When we look at it this way, it gives business owners far more drive and focus around their decision-making, planning and execution.


We see every client as their own wealth creator; the money is just a means to an end. Most of our clients tell us that this new perspective changes their relationship with money significantly; they recognise that money is a tool, which shifts the power dynamic in a good way.”


As John mentioned, being able to utilise money rather than feel controlled by it will change your thought process for the better. Ultimately we all want different things; we need to take “me time” to recalibrate, to question why we do what we do. It can be a cathartic experience.


The right strategy


John uses a structured process to uncover what’s working and what’s not when it comes to your life and finances.


John: “We focus on each person’s values, vision and actions. We do a gap analysis of where they are now in relation to where they want to be. We take our clients through an eight-step process because we adopt a whole-paradigm approach. We want people to connect with what is really making them tick, then we craft this into their eight steps.


Apart from YOU, all you have is TIME, and you can’t get time back. You have to thoroughly assess what’s worth your time and effort in work and in life. Do you want to live a life without regret? What are you putting up with that you don’t need to be? What version of yourself are you not bringing to life? When we explore this, it gets people excited about what’s important to them and what they can drop.”


I am working harder now than I did in my first business (and that was pretty hard!), but I am really enjoying it. I have family time, space for my own stuff, and I have a vision for the future where I can give back more to the entrepreneurial community. 


Making the most of your freedom


Being an entrepreneur gives you freedom of time, money, relationships and purpose  (see this Strategic Coach® blog exploring the four freedoms) but, as John went on to explain, we often fail to make the most of these opportunities.


John: “The classic example is someone who retires with enough money to never work again and dies within three years. Retirement is not a meaningful project; that’s the beauty of the GAME plan! You won’t suddenly find yourself at a loose end wondering what the past 40 years were for. We bring all of this together in a life vision, your own personal map which becomes your plan.


Some people might see it as a bit woo woo or overly spiritual, but that’s because the whole concept of ‘purpose’ has been industrialised in a way that makes people feel allergic to it! You need to know what is meaningful to you, and then working to create that legacy becomes an intrinsic part of your game plan.


For me that means asking have I been a loving father?  Do my children understand what love is? Are they good members of the community? Professionally we offer peace of mind. We want to change the world one person at a time, and help them understand their relationship with money, what’s important to them, and essentially step into what they want or need to do to improve their lives and get what they want out of it.” 


Regret-free living


What John shared is pivotal to living a fulfilling life (read more about financial wellbeing strategies in his new co-authored book The Financial Game Changer: How to create wealth in every area of your life). If I had my time again, I would go back and create a much firmer understanding of what I wanted so that I didn’t just plod on with no clear focus.


You need to stop putting yourself last (see our earlier blog for why that matters), and create well rounded business and life goals that will drive you forward and bring lasting fulfilment.


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