Why The Right CRM Tools Help Secure, Grow And Retain Customers

Wednesday 24 November 2021

Imagine you have applied for funding that could revolutionise your business growth, then a high-level investor starts to examine how you look after your customers (due diligence); would their findings encourage them to sign you up or walk away?

Do you have a slick customer relationship management (CRM) system, or do you have frustrated customers who have to constantly repeat their information because your business doesn’t record it?

Creating a seamless journey

I’ve worked with a large financial institution over the last 18 months. They’ve had a high turnover of staff (with good reason) but the transition has been seamless because they have the correct processes and systems in place that allow new staff to take over and still have the same knowledge as any former employee.

Likewise, when it comes to investment, the most attractive prospects have a tech-led approach that is fit for purpose and capable of supporting high growth. I asked EHE Director of Operations, Pete Evison, to share his perspective on the importance of a CRM, and why you need to find the right one for your business (listen to our full conversation on our podcast).

The truth about CRMs

Businesses have often invested in expensive software or a subscription service but have only made use of 5% of the CRM capabilities. The right CRM has so much to offer to help you grow your business. I was keen to hear Pete’s analysis of the situation.

Pete: “CRMs can be extremely easy to use and are often part of a bigger platform or subscription-based model, which means they can grow with your company. A CRM can host your website, manage your social media and help monitor time spent on specific tasks.

The beauty of it is that you might start with ten employees, but as you grow, the CRM offers bolt-on packages so you can accommodate new staff who might be involved in sales, marketing or social media; they’ll be able to access customer data that will even tell them when a customer is on your website and what they’re looking at.

We can link the CRM to a proposal generator, know when our customers have read it, and time our phone calls accordingly.”

Business growth

As Pete explained, the level of detail that a good CRM can offer is crucial to the smooth running and growth of your business. When you give a new member of staff access to the CRM database, they will be able to view the full customer journey and offer the right level of support and information (which helps your business expand).

A CRM enables you to run your business more efficiently and, as Pete went on to explain, it can provide evidence of growth to help secure investment.

Pete: “Investors no longer have to look at your [business owner’s] spreadsheet or take your word that you have a strong sales pipeline. They can view client history, how you nurture your prospects, and see how, when and how quickly they convert.”

It’s evident that with the right CRM, your business will run better and increase your chances of securing investment.

Choosing the right CRM for your business

Investors want to see that you can attract new customers while delivering a professional service to your existing client base. And, as Pete explained, when your business continues to grow and mature, you can become more adventurous with how you use your CRM for marketing.

Pete: “You’ve got to find the CRM that suits you at any particular point in your journey, and you need to have an eye on how it can support you further down the line. 

For example, being able to measure how your clients and potential clients view your business is really important; quantifying return on investment from social media activities is difficult at the best of times, but if your CRM brings together everything, from website clicks to email campaigns and social media engagement, it’s a fantastic tool. 

You can measure the traction of each campaign with minimal effort because it’s all integrated.”

The ongoing evolution of CRM

A CRM can be the central fulcrum for business growth. Pete has made a compelling case for finding the right CRM for your business. However, it’s important that the CRM also continues to evolve and meets your needs. 

When there is competition in the CRM market, they evolve at a faster rate which gives you access to new innovative features. 

When choosing your CRM, consider the cost and whether it is available as a licensed product or as a software as a service (SaaS) model.

Benefits of SaaS 

Pete summed up the benefits of SaaS.

Pete: “You can swap features in and out, which is really helpful if, for example, you only need a specific function for a six-month project or if you need a short-term marketing capability for a fast-growth stage. Many CRMs will offer a trial period so you can see how effectively it works for your business (if it doesn’t, you don’t pay for it).”

Systems and processes go a long way to securing the right investors, growing your business and retaining happy customers.

As a business owner, you know the nuances of your business and are best placed to make a decision on the right CRM for you. Our advice is to research what’s available, find out how that could specifically benefit  your  business, enjoy a free trial and negotiate on price, because the right CRM can help take your business to the next level. 

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