What Makes An Entrepreneur Successful? (Answer: Self-Interest)

Monday 4 October 2021

Most entrepreneurs get the entrepreneurial bug very early, sometime around or before age ten. They want something and get the complete cycle in their mind for how to get it—buy something to stock up, get customers, and provide a product along with a service. But not all entrepreneurs end up being successful.

When I think of what makes an entrepreneur successful, I reflect on my father’s journey as an entrepreneur. Initially, he was a farmer, and the farm failed. Then, at age 50, he retrained himself as a landscaper and had a very successful career. I learned a lot by watching him and witnessing his reinvention. Landscaping fit with his Unique Ability, wasn’t commoditized, and allowed him to be more personal and involved with his clients, which he enjoyed. What made him successful was that he was doing something that fulfilled his self-interest while providing something of value to others.
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