The 4 Most Popular Tools To Get You Unstuck In Business

Wednesday 9 November 2022

There’s no one who can honestly say that they’ve never suffered from a lack of motivation.

It doesn’t matter what your list of accomplishments includes, we all get stuck from time to time. The reasons are endless: fear, discomfort, a lack of confidence.
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The 5 Challenging Questions Entrepreneurs Need To Be Prepared To Answer

When you start looking for funding for your business, you have to be prepared to answer a lot of questions – some of which can feel awkward or uncomfortable if this is the first time you’ve sought investment for a business. Here at EHE Capital, we know how that can feel, but we also know why it’s so important to ask these challenging questions early in an entrepreneur’s journey to funding. In the most recent episode of our Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast, our very own Pete Evison and Elliot Smith joined us to talk about exactly this. At an early stage, we ask the entrepreneurs who approach us the five questions we’re about to share in this blog, not to trip them up, but because these are the questions to which investors will want answers.
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