How To Overcome Failure As An Entrepreneur & Take Responsibility

To learn how to overcome failure as an entrepreneur, you must first take 100% responsibility for yourself. That means cultivating the capability to choose how you respond to painful experiences or what you’re currently calling “failures.”
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The Difference Between Self-Confidence And Self-Esteem

The difference between self-confidence and self-esteem is an important one. See, self-esteem is a wish, whereas self-confidence is a fact. Self-esteem is made up without outside proof, and self-confidence is a function of measuring your progress based on the improvement of skills, knowledge, and success.
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2 Business Axioms For Entrepreneurs & For Life

An axiom is a Greek word and philosophical term that refers to something so self-evident that you don’t need any proof of it. I have two business axioms for entrepreneurs that guide me in living my life and running my business.
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The Top 50 Books For Entrepreneurs

Strategic Coach workshops are filled with a diverse group of ambitious and like-minded entrepreneurs representing over 60+ industries, allowing for high levels of creativity, innovation, and breakthroughs. At each workshop, we take time to discuss recommended resources, including recommended reading.
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10 Things Entrepreneurs Should Know About Hiring

The labor market has changed. People are re-thinking what they want to do, how they want to spend their time, and what they expect from the entrepreneurs they work for. Recently, I spoke with Charlie Bassett, entrepreneur and CEO of the luxury grocery chain Bassett’s Market, about attracting, hiring, and retaining great people. Charlie believes that hiring shouldn’t be about who’s got the bigger, brighter sign that says, “We need help.” It’s much deeper than that if entrepreneurs want to do it right.
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The Best Goal-Measurement Strategy For Entrepreneurs

Even the most successful entrepreneurs, those who are at the top of their game, with tremendous achievements and all the benefits that brings to their lives, can feel like failures. They’re depressed and feel miserable about themselves, even though everyone around them thinks they’re amazing and looks up to them as role models.
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How Entrepreneurs Can Create Shortcuts For Others & Provide Value

Shortcuts are the main currency among humans, so it’s critical to know how to provide a shortcut for others. I’ve been on earth for 77 years, and in that time, I’ve gained some insight into when things do and don’t work.
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What Makes An Entrepreneur Successful? (Answer: Self-Interest)

Most entrepreneurs get the entrepreneurial bug very early, sometime around or before age ten. They want something and get the complete cycle in their mind for how to get it—buy something to stock up, get customers, and provide a product along with a service. But not all entrepreneurs end up being successful.
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