The Dream Drivers Model: 3 Must-Have Qualities for A Successful SaaS Product

In this blog post, we’ll explore what we’ve learned from Dream Drivers’ model about the must-have qualities of a phenomenal SaaS product and how it ticks these boxes.
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7 Simple Tips To Win The Funding Your Business Needs

Here at EHE, we work with entrepreneurs and investors – supporting them as needed, including with securing funding. In our most recent episode of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together, we heard from David Agar and EHE director Elliot Smith – during their conversation, David shared a few of the key components of his business as he prepares to go for investment.
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2 Simple Considerations That Help To Secure Investment During A Recession

Something that has been on everyone’s minds recently has been the fear of a looming recession. Previously, Gary and I have talked about how even recessions have a silver lining and how there are always opportunities to come from them.
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