Dealing With Debt And Insolvency: Where To Turn If You Run Into Financial Trouble With Elliot Smith and Iain Wrenshall

At EHE Capital, we like to keep a positive mindset. For us, this means talking about the benefits of fast growth, sharing the practices entrepreneurs need to adopt to take their business to the next level, and celebrating success stories. However, we also try to stress that every decision an entrepreneur makes is a balance of reward and risk.
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Common Mistakes First-Time Entrepreneurs Make

There are a handful of common mistakes first-time entrepreneurs make, and when you recognize them early, you can avoid painful and costly lessons down the road. These are the eight most common mistakes made by entrepreneurs.
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Is There Such A Thing As A Bad Investor? With Elliot Smith and Pete Evison

This week on Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together, we expanded on an issue that came up in our last podcast: is there such a thing as a bad investor? If there is, how do you spot one? To delve into this controversial topic, we were joined once again by EHE Director Elliot Smith and Operations Director Pete Evison (you can listen to the full conversation here). This is part 1 of a 3 part series on the topic so stay tuned!
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The Benefits Of Open-Ended Questions In Business

I always advise people to ask open-ended questions to which they don’t already know the answer. The benefits of open-ended questions in business are endless, as possible answers are many and can provide massive, often unexpected breakthroughs.
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Profitability Checklist: 10 Checkpoints Of The Profitability Packager

When I assess new ideas or capabilities, I use a checklist to see if there is a comprehensive, realistic, step-by-step structure to develop them. I created the Profitability Packager checklist to support that process so anyone using it can move forward with greater clarity and more confidence in an idea’s profitability potential.
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What To Do When Good People Make Mistakes

In a recent conversation with Dan Sullivan, a client asked how Dan would handle a situation where a team member who thinks they’re doing the right thing actually does the wrong thing. The client said he realized that getting mad and expressing his frustration would almost guarantee that the team member would be defensive and less engaged for the next week, lowering productivity. “What’s a more effective way to deal with this?” he asked Dan.
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How To Make Your Business Investor Ready, with Elliot Smith and Ross Faith.

We all know that the key to a high-growth strategy is investment. An injection of funds at the right moment can allow an entrepreneur to rapidly upscale their operation, whether this means taking on staff, upgrading your fixed assets or expanding into new markets. But how do you set up your business to appeal to a first-class investor? And which funding model will work best for you?
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Take Charge Of Your Happiness With This Mental Hack

Compared with the general population, entrepreneurs tend to be extraordinarily high achievers. By definition, they’re self-motivated, innovative, and resourceful—and the marketplace rewards them for becoming more and more so, reinforcing the habit of high achievement.
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4 Top Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level

We’re over halfway through the year now, and it’s been a fast and furious six months at EHE Capital. On top of making milestone investments and continuing to grow our community of entrepreneurs, we’ve also hosted a whole range of exciting conversations on our Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast.
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