How To Share High Value Content That Gets You Noticed

Tuesday 26 October 2021

Sharing high value content positions you as an expert in your industry, helping your ideal customers find and buy from you faster.

This article explains why it’s a cost-effective way to attract new business, and how entrepreneurs can make the content creation process more effective and time efficient.

At EHE Capital, Gary Fletcher and I work closely with Write Business Results, a company specialising in helping companies create an engaged community and strong personal brand. Business owner Georgia Kirke is an expert on this topic.

You can listen to the full conversation by tuning in to episode 22 of our weekly podcast, “Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together”.

I was interested to learn more about the benefits of sharing great content and how it’s changed over time.


Content matters

Georgia: “Creating content that is relevant and of value to your ideal client easily shows people who you are, what you do, and what you stand for. It’s a tangible demonstration of your identity and your expertise. You want to build an audience and a following, but there has to be more to it than that. You want to build a community of people who support and want to buy from you.

Sharing consistently helps speed up the whole sales process. It’s no longer just about you being able to reach more people, it’s about them being able to easily reach you; and by the time they contact you, they’re a highly qualified lead and significantly more interested in buying from you. People who don’t like you or what you offer don’t contact you.”



From experience, and from what Georgia has explained, it’s clear that creating relevant and valuable content is an amazing filter. By the time someone proactively contacts you, the only thing left for you to do is build on that relationship and agree a commercial deal.

How we interact with our potential customers has changed so much over the years. Without sharing content you can only reach so many people and travel so far to see them face to face. Industry has moved away from traditional methods of cold calls, advertising in magazines, radio or TV. Now we have the means to actively add value to people’s lives and businesses before we even talk to them.

Gary and I share lots of great content (free) to entrepreneurial groups on LinkedIn. We hope they find it helpful, and consider approaching us when they are ready for mentoring support to grow their business.

When we share high value content, prospective clients can immediately identify that it’s relevant to them and choose when to make the next step.  Writing a book is another fantastic way to share more in depth content.



In 2006, I wrote books to build notoriety – never underestimate what that does for your business. Notoriety increases demand, and with demand comes the ability to increase your prices. I had a fixed price for four years and I was worried that I’d price the business out if I increased it; the opposite happened. Over a few years I put the prices up to almost double what they were and won more business because of how the business was presented to the outside world.

I’m fascinated by where sharing valuable content could lead. Georgia is already working on a relatively new platform with great results.


Attracting the right audience

Georgia: “It’s incredible just how quickly the right people can find you. For example when I was fairly new to Clubhouse I set up a virtual room on personal branding and up to 500 people joined me. They chose what’s of interest to them on the channel, and for us that meant 500 qualified prospects who were ready to listen and start connecting with us. 

These platforms bring extra connectivity and new opportunities. I was proactive, built a profile and showed up regularly instead of hovering in other groups hoping to get noticed. We’ve increased connections, revenue and our following. I’ve reached people whom I wouldn’t have been able to reach in a million years.”


Leverage great content

Creating content and managing platforms sounds like it’s going to be time consuming, but with Georgia’s support and planning it’s the opposite.

Georgia: “There are so many ways to leverage good content. The trick is to repurpose what you have. If you’re recording a podcast, turn that into a blog; use snippets from the blog for your social media posts to promote the podcast in the first place. The podcast can link to your book or a link to subscribe, and now you have people in your database who are interested in what you have to sell.

When you do this well, you shorten the entire sales process. People are also willing to pay more to work with an established expert. You will have conversations with prospective clients far more quickly, to the point where you don’t even need a sales team.”


Building community

We’ve already touched on how much business can speed up when people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer are seeking you out instead of the other way round, but there’s more to it than this, and that’s where Georgia can see the bigger picture.

Georgia: “We’re moving into a day and age now with a focus on personal relationships but in a digital sense. Our focus is on building community. It’s really important that this is something that your whole team gets involved with. Ingrain this in your company culture. Imagine how much more focused everybody in your business would be and how different the company culture would look if everybody was focused on delivering value, building relationships and creating a sense of community.

If your business is not creating and sharing content, it is invisible. If you don’t have regular high quality content already going out, you have to start now. It’s risky not to.”



Georgia’s team at Write Business Results does a terrific job of supporting companies to build an engaged community and personal brand. Creating great content is wasted if you don’t know how to get it out there so the right people can find you.

And if you’re ready to invest in high-level mentoring to create extraordinary results in your business, email – I’d love to hear from you.


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