How To Find And Maximise Your Competitive Edge As An Entrepreneur

Monday 21 March 2022

If I told you that you have a Unique Ability® that would give you a competitive edge in business, would you agree it would be useful to maximise it?

Unique Ability®, the cornerstone of Strategic Coach® (coaching for growth-minded business owners), indicates that you have a set of talents and characteristics that are individual to you; when you maximise these, you free up a wealth of self-knowledge, clarity and confidence, creating even greater potential for joy and excellence in life and business.


When I first attended an event with Dan Sullivan, Founder of Strategic Coach®, the concepts he shared challenged my beliefs. I couldn’t imagine how taking more time off or focusing on only one area that I enjoyed the most, and delegating the rest, could help any business, nor was I convinced that I had a Unique Ability®.


However, putting these concepts into practice showed me the truth: you cannot wear all the hats in your business. If you want to grow your business, it’s best to work in your own zone of excellence, and bring in the support you need for the rest. 


I recently spoke to Julia Waller, Unique Ability® Coach and Specialist from Strategic Coach®, on the EHE Capital podcast Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together. She is passionate about supporting you to uncover your own unique brilliance. In this blog, we’re going to explore the concept of Unique Ability® in more depth: how you can find yours, the benefits you will get from making the most of it, and the negative consequences of trying to do everything yourself.


The benefits of utilising your Unique Ability®


Julia: “Your success as an entrepreneur all depends on what you bring to the party. What do you offer to the marketplace? What do you offer to your family? 


You bring your Unique Ability® with you everywhere you go; the more you can design and organise your life around your unique set of talents, the more growth you’re going to experience, the more money you’re going to make, the more results, the more fun, the more meaning, the more impact you will create. All the good things happen when you align your life around your Unique Ability®.”


When you uncover your Unique Ability®, you’ll also find new levels of confidence because you’ll recognise that nobody else has your exact set of skills and talents.


Additional benefits include:


  • You earn more. 
  • You and your team free up time.
  • Creates new opportunities, such as new product lines or services.
  • Boosts creativity.
  • Helps you and your business create a bigger impact on the world.
  • More happiness and joy because you are doing what you love!


Before I discovered my Unique Ability® I had an inkling of what it might be, but in hindsight it was more of a blurry image which eventually became crystal clear, HD quality. It was a transformative process that helped me achieve incredible results.


Why you don’t always recognise your Unique Ability®


Julia: “A lot of people take their talents and strengths for granted. They assume that other people are like that too, but we do that because we’re ‘inside’ the bottle. We can’t read the label on the outside when we’re inside the jar. We downplay what we do and get frustrated when other people don’t do things the way we do them, because it seems obvious to us.


Your Unique Ability® is often unconscious and natural; once you make it conscious, you can lean into it and that gives you the competitive edge. 


The process of discovering your Unique Ability® is powerful; it’s the kind of stuff that people are going to say at your funeral, so why not hear it now?”


You can also plug gaps in your team by focusing on Unique Ability®


Julia: “It’s really useful for team building. When you have team members working within their own Unique Ability® as much as possible, you create flow. When people are working in flow, they love doing it; you won’t have to manage that person or crack the whip so much. They’ll take the projects, run with them, and their creativity will be beyond what you can imagine. Utilising your Unique Ability® gives you (and your team members) the confidence to let go of certain things that aren’t a fit, instead of trying to power through and just make it work.”


We’ve shared more great resources for team building at the end of this blog.


How do I find out my Unique Ability®?


Strategic Coach® encourages you to use the Unique Ability® discovery process.


You might like to start by sending a letter to eight to ten people (family, friends, colleagues, people who know you well) and ask them to write a few paragraphs about how they see you. This might include your characteristics, what they count on you for, and what they value in you. Check out the beginner’s guide to Unique Ability® here.


Some of the answers you receive might surprise you. Although you will receive lots of information, there’ll be a degree of consistency throughout – that’s your Unique Ability®.


Julia has also shared some tips to find your Unique Ability® in this blog.


The red flag that shows you’re not using your Unique Ability®


As an entrepreneur, if you are still trying to do everything after five years and aren’t maximising your Unique Ability®, you’re unlikely to have or build a successful business.


Julia shared an example of a car dealership owner who tried to take on everything.


Julia: “He was so exhausted carrying the weight of all these activities on his shoulders. He spent a lot of time doing paperwork. He hated it. He told me he loved talking to the sales guys and coming up with new marketing plans, but he thought he ‘should’ do the other stuff too. The word ‘should’ is key here. Anytime you hear the word ‘should’, it’s a big red flag.”


Why you might want to fire yourself!


Julia: “You and your business will not grow doing activities you don’t love and are not good at. Fire yourself from those activities. If you had a team member who was taking five times longer to do something and hated it, you’d have fired them from that task; fire yourself!”


I am not good with numbers; I can do them but I don’t enjoy it, so I delegate all those tasks.

What tasks do you need to fire yourself from? How would it feel to be free of those tasks?


It’s clear from what Julia has shared, and through personal experience, that you lose out if you don’t get clear on your Unique Ability®. You need to tune into it, appreciate it, make the most of it, and it will change your life and your business.


If you’d love to find out more about your Unique Ability®, remember to check out the discovery process (and additional resources below). If you’d like to learn from other creative tech entrepreneurs, why not join the EHE Capital online community? It’s a great space for sharing what you’re up to, asking for help, and encouraging each other. 


Additional resources


We thoroughly recommend reading the following books for fascinating insights that will help you shift your mindset and set you up for entrepreneurial success:



In the podcast Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together we also mention the following tools to help you build your team:


The Kolbe System™ 

This measures how people take action. It helps you affirm how and why you do what you do, and increases your understanding around the actions of others;  both of which help you build a strong team. It will help you assign tasks based on efficiency and reduce burnout.


CliftonStrengths Assessment

This assessment supports you (and your team) to develop your greatest talents into strengths and make the most of them to build a cohesive unit.




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