How To Access Mind-Blowing Ideas That Help You Grow Your Business

Monday 9 May 2022

A fantastic way to revolutionise your business is to expand your mindset by engaging with a community of future-focused thought leaders.

If you consume the daily news bulletins, you’re likely to be filled with dread; the news rarely reports any of the amazing advances that are being made around the world.


We’ve recently attended Abundance360, a mastermind and executive programme created by Peter Diamandis, where business founders, CEOs and executives focus on what the future is likely to hold, and how to make the most of it in business. It’s always packed with mind-blowing content.

You can listen to us discussing the conference and the impact it has on us on the Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast.

For example, Elon Musk’s XPrize (a non-profit organisation that designs and hosts public competitions to encourage technological development that benefits humanity) has offered $100 million to the company that can find a way to remove carbon from the atmosphere at a certain scale.

Amazing progress is being made to solve some of the world’s biggest problems, and it’s not high profile in mainstream news.

To tap into your own potential, it’s wise to get ahead of the curve and pay attention to the big thinkers who will help set you and your business up for success.


How we grow

The Abundance 360 summit brings in speakers from all over the world, which creates an amazing opportunity to learn from different perspectives.

From an entrepreneurial perspective, a community like this offers two main benefits:

  1. It helps you prepare your company for what’s coming so that you can be the first to market.
  2. It gives you the opportunity to come up with solutions to the potential problems of the future.


The power of new ideas

When you consistently spend time with people who mostly think in the same way as you, there’s little scope for growth; but it’s mind-blowing when you challenge your thinking and open up your mind to what’s possible.

This creative energy can turbo-charge your mindset and business to new levels of success.

Here are some examples of what we have learnt at the Abundance360 summit:


  • Web3

Web3 is described as, potentially, the largest economic opportunity of your lifetime. It’s closely linked to the metaverse, a virtual-reality space where users can interact with other users in a computer-generated environment. Web1 was read only, Web2 was read and write, and Web3 includes both of those plus ownership. It’s a dramatic change.

Imagine you are wearing a pair of augmented-reality glasses that provide you with information; when you walk around the digital space, you’ll be able to see the names of the people around you, and the companies they represent. If you’ve arranged to meet people for the first time, you’ll be able to find them more easily.

At EHE Capital, we could host a conference where we have our own metaverse with two breakout rooms for investment in the medical industry and the energy world. Delegates would be able to switch between these rooms and avatars, and quickly access information to help them network and build their business.

Citibank estimates that the metaverse will have up to five billion users (people living parts of their lives digitally) and be worth $13 trillion by 2030. 

When you know about these technologies, they present opportunities for you as an entrepreneur. How might you adapt your business?


  • Artificial intelligence (AI)

Former Google CEO Eric Schmidt predicts that within five years, AI will reach a point where it’s almost ubiquitous and really meaningful, which means you need to start thinking about how it will impact your business. Certain jobs will be made redundant. The jobs that are predicted to be “safest” are in computer programming and engineering and the creative and care industries.

Because of the rapid advancement of technology, it’s likely people will work four-day weeks because productivity will be high.


  • Age reversal

Experts have already found the primary reasons that we age, and know how to reverse the effects of ageing. The process is already being tested on animals and is likely to be mainstream in a few years’ time. It’s believed that, soon, being 100 years old will be the new 50 years old!


  • Creating meat from cells

Work is being carried out to help solve climate-change issues and the population’s desire to eat meat. For the past few years, meat has been grown from cells. Instead of having thousands of acres of fields deforested to accommodate cows that need to be fed and watered, we can generate meat very efficiently from cells.


  • Skyscraper farms

There are also plans to build skyscraper vegetation farms in the heart of cities, which will grow plants and vegetables that require around a tenth less water than those grown in a field. These farms also reduce transportation costs because the vegetables are being grown closer to the location where they will be consumed, which in turn helps reduce carbon emissions.


For a full list of this year’s Abundance360 speakers, click here.


How to make the most of information like this

When you hear concepts like this discussed in detail by passionate experts, it helps inspire you to create new ideas and think in new ways. It’s often useful to take time out to digest what you’ve learnt and make notes; even if the information isn’t relevant to your business right now, you might find that it gives you an “aha moment” when faced with an issue in the future.

If some of this thinking seems a little bit too “out there” for you at present, it might help you to know that Peter Diamandis gave everyone at the Abundance360 summit in 2014 a crypto coin which, at the time, was worth approximately $2. Those coins are now worth circa $40k each!

The EHE Capital community is a fantastic place to tap into peer support and the experience and expertise that we offer. And if you’re eager to find out more from inspiring thought leaders such as Peter Diamandis, you can read his books, sign up to his newsletters or join the Abundance360 community.


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