How Finding The Right Tribe Supports You And Your Business

Wednesday 5 January 2022

Entrepreneurs like you, renowned for creativity and the ability to make quick decisions, need to associate with other forward-thinking business owners who are willing to embrace both success and failure as learning opportunities.

If you spend too much time around more “traditional thinkers”, you may lose the confidence and motivation you need to thrive.


You and the team that you bring in to help build your business are your biggest resources. Just like you, your team needs the freedom to thrive and think big without being scared to take risks.

You need to find your tribe.


The smallest person in the room

I found the right people to support me by joining Abundance 360 (mastermind and executive coaching programme) and Strategic Coach® (premier coaching for growth-minded business owners). At the time I lacked confidence. I felt like the smallest person in a room full of successful entrepreneurs. After a few years I realised that I was no different to anyone else. 

These programmes have helped me to think bigger, tackle problems differently and map out a strong business vision. Being in these groups transformed my mindset and boosted my confidence.


Positive focus

At Strategic Coach® we actively reflect on the positive outcomes from our last quarter (we’ll dive into this in next week’s blog). We don’t waste time worrying about what hasn’t happened, or the parts that haven’t gone as well as hoped. The community is the exact opposite of what you see on the TV. Forget moaning about problems; entrepreneurial groups will help you focus on creative solutions.


A head full of fairy dust

Often when I’ve been to an event with creative, innovative thinkers, I want to quickly implement multiple business ideas. One of my team members (formerly corporate) would say that I had come back with a “head full of fairy dust”. Sometimes he would tell me my ideas were too crazy, but it was useful to have both my creativity and his down-to-earth approach to create balance. We worked well together.

It’s up to you to find the right community and create the right team for your organisation so that you can draw on different perspectives and experiences to accelerate business growth.

I will never work in a corporate environment again, because it doesn’t suit my personality or the way that my mind works. I benefit from being around people who share a similar ethos, approach and have the same values as me; freedom is a big part of that.

The first time I attended Strategic Coach® I met Andrea Fallows, their Operations Team Leader for the UK. I recently invited her onto our Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast (listen here). She made a really good point about how the Strategic Coach® community approaches failure.


Celebrate failure

Andrea: “Everything we do and teach is about supporting each other and not being afraid to make and learn from mistakes. That’s a massive one for a lot of people, especially if they’ve come from a work environment where they’re scared to try something new in case it doesn’t work out.”

Strategic Coach® is run by entrepreneurs and actively puts into practice what it teaches.

Andrea: “I’ve been given huge amounts of freedom to do what I do best and I really appreciate that. I don’t work well in an environment where I’m being told what to do all the time. At Strategic Coach® the attitude is very much, ‘If you can do it, go and make it happen.’”


Accept and learn from failure

Accepting and learning from mistakes is crucial to business success. Your business will suffer if you put barriers in place that stop your team exploring how to do things better. Allow people to experiment with ideas (good and bad). Some will succeed, some will fail. Celebrate both, move on and think of new ideas. 

Failure should never be stigmatised. When you eliminate the fear of failure (and your team knows they’re supported whatever the outcome), your company will innovate far more successfully.

It’s clear that entrepreneurs benefit from being around big thinkers, and it’s useful to stay open to where you might find these people.


Strategic partnerships

You will meet a multitude of different personalities in business. You might instantly click with people, and at other times it’s just a transaction where you buy a service or a product and move on.

When I ran Cake Solutions Ltd (acquired by a multinational corporation and subsequently rebranded as Disney Streaming Services), I held my suppliers in high esteem. They genuinely loved working with us, and I have maintained several of those business relationships. Collaborations are brilliant ways to drive a business forward.

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P.S. In next week’s blog, Andrea will be sharing some of the essential tools used by Strategic Coach® to help you fully rejuvenate and tap into even more of your much-needed creativity and drive!


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