How Building A Community Helps Drive Your Business Forward

Tuesday 1 June 2021

Building up a strong community can improve almost every element of your business, from winning new clients to attracting talented people.

This blog will dive into what it means to be part of your community in business and discuss some of the key benefits that come with taking the time to give back.


Making it part of your culture


Engaging with the tech community back when I was at Cake Solutions was a massive part of our company culture.


It was important to us that we added significant value to our circle by creating really useful content in the form of books, blogs and speaking at conferences. 


Having this idea of serving your community can bring some real benefits for business, especially if you are just starting out. You get to build your name in that community, and if that’s the same community that you do business in, that can only be a good thing for you.


When you start producing helpful content and getting involved in conversations in your industry, it’s almost like sales without selling. You’re providing real value to people and you showcase your expertise, and people start to recognise that and want to work with you. 


The modern way of marketing 


Engaging with your community is part of this modern marketing method, which is to produce regular expert content and have people find you through consuming that content. 


The important thing to remember about creating content for your community is that it needs to be as wide a company effort as possible. That means it’s not just you, the founder, who is out there creating, but your entire team is adding value to the community too.  


A great example of how content creation can work are Matt and Tom from Fuzzy Labs. They were old colleagues of mine at Cake, and they have taken that practice of helping their community into their new business, with some awesome results. 


In fact, they landed their biggest client, a FTSE 250 company, off the back of blogging and vlogging about their community projects!


Attracting excellent talent is a byproduct of building your community 


The benefits of being part of your community extend beyond sales and winning new business. 


One of the real strategic byproducts of doing this kind of stuff is that it enhances your reputation within the community and, therefore, your ability to hire people. 


Going back to my previous company, we used to get inbound calls all the time from people who wanted to work for us because they had read about our projects. This meant we didn’t need to use recruiters, which was a big money saver for us.


Building up your community attracts the right sort of people too. The people who approach you will be your followers and fans. They understand what you do, and they genuinely want to work for you. That in itself acts as a great filter.


As much as engaging with your community is a nice thing to do, there are a lot of real commercial benefits that come along with it too.


So, how can businesses today start to think about their communities?


Creating content is business critical


Building up your community isn’t specific to a particular industry, and it’s certainly not just a technology thing. It’s an entrepreneurial thing that can work in any organisation.


A great example is the new Clubhouse platform which is taking off in a big way.


Georgia Kirke owns the personal branding and content creation business Write Business Results and has been using Clubhouse to serve her community, with great effect. I actually sat down with Georgia not long ago and asked her all about it.


Here is how she explains the power of community and how she has leveraged new tools like Clubhouse to help her harness that power:


Georgia: “What underlies creating content for anybody who’s in business is building up a personal brand.


Obviously, we build this brand to become well known for what we do, but it also allows us to help people in a less formal way. That’s really important because, now, there isn’t a lot of face-to-face contact between businesses and customers. However, your prospects still want all those different touchpoints with a company before doing business with them.


People expect to see you on lots of different platforms these days, and they expect to be able to consume a certain number of hours of your information before taking that next step with you.


So, engaging with your community and talking about what you offer the world is really important. I would go as far as to say it’s business critical now. Lots of businesses are going to go out of business over the next few years if they don’t take these points on board.


One way I have been engaging with my community is through a new social media app called Clubhouse.”


Clubhouse – a modern community-building tool


Georgia:  “It’s an addictive app that’s been around for just under a year, but it’s really started to grow in the last three months.


Essentially, it’s an app with various meeting rooms where you can host or join a conversation and just talk about what you do. 


Live audio is such a massive gap in the market because other social media don’t allow you to rock up and share your message. You’ve got to get ready, you’ve got to prepare, and you’ve got to have content that’s been pre-made.


On Clubhouse, you can just turn up and speak or listen to other speakers. The great thing about it is that it’s a level playing field because anyone can do it. You’ve got Hollywood celebrities in there talking alongside the likes of me! 


It’s a massive community of people sharing ideas and it’s an incredible way of building up your community at the same time. 


After only 11 weeks of showing up and talking on Clubhouse, we’re now closing business from people who just met me on the app! It totally bypasses the sales process.”


Clubhouse is a really interesting, modern way to engage with your community, but it’s only one of many ways to build up your brand. 


EHE Capital’s content creation strategy


At EHE Capital, the whole idea of our podcasts and blogs (derived from the podcasts) is that we want to share that information and we want to help people.


When you share content like this, you can share your story with your audience, and once they understand you, they’ll be interested in what you do.


It’s a fantastic way for average Joes like Gary and me to make a big difference in people’s lives and grow our business at the same time!


Enjoy the process!


Whatever way you choose to engage with your community, it’s got to be enjoyable. It needs to be part of your DNA and you have to really believe in it rather than doing it just because you think you should.


And be consistent. Whether you’re publishing content, building a community or participating, commit to a realistic amount of whatever it is you’re doing and keep it up on a regular basis. Content creation and community building is a bit of a long game, but the rewards are massive if you keep going!


I hope you have found this useful.


For a more in-depth discussion on EHE Capital and building a community, check out episode 16 of our podcast “Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together”. Alternatively, you can email us with your questions at


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