Give Gossip A Gag Order

Tuesday 27 September 2022

When Sarah returned to her business after a rejuvenating vacation, all she heard from her employees were grumblings about one another. Apparently in her absence, there had been a lot of gossip flying around the office. Her administrative team griped about the new operations manager being unavailable and not answering his phone as promised. When Sarah asked him what had happened, he then complained about someone on the admin team being late for work every day that week.

Like school-aged children blaming each other for every real or imagined slight, the more time she gave them to gossip about one another, the longer the list of grievances grew. What she didn’t hear about was what business got completed while she was away, or if the latest contract was going well, or how the new intern was working out. Frustrated, and with her confidence shot, she seriously considered firing the lot of them.
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4 Key Cornerstones On Which To Build An Effective People Strategy

Throughout our recent podcasts and blogs we’ve talked a lot about building a successful team for fast growth and funding. However, we haven’t yet looked in much detail at the fundamentals of creating a people strategy to support this.
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