Why The Right CRM Tools Help Secure, Grow And Retain Customers


3 Ways To Avoid The Cancel Culture When Seeking Investment

What does your online presence reveal about you? Have you ever stopped to consider how your social media history might be perceived by an investor or interested party? If you haven’t, it’s time to start.
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3 Ways To Build A Strong Mindset And Grow Your Tech Business

This blog will give you three simple ways to think about your business more creatively and support you to build a strong mindset to take your company into that period of fast growth.
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The Top 3 Things Private Equity Firms Look For When You Apply For Funding

Before seeking growth funding from a private equity firm entrepreneurs need to consider their level of passion, ambition, and how they intend to grow their business.
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How The Right Digital Services Will Boost Your Bottom Line

If you’re considering digitising your entrepreneurial services, it’s helpful to think of the process like renting or buying a house: both have advantages and disadvantages.
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5 Reasons Why Diversity In The Workplace Makes A Big Difference

The benefits of diversity in the workplace are becoming increasingly obvious as more and more companies start to make it an integral part of their culture. At EHE Capital we enjoy the benefits of hiring from a diverse recruitment pool which includes background, ethnicity, gender, age, experience and ability.
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Why You Need To Have A Tech-Led Business

At EHE Capital we believe there’ll be more technological change in the next 10 years than in the last 50. This acceleration in technology means companies have to be ready for change now, but also understand how things will change in the future.
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