Pitch Decks Versus Business Plans – What You Need To Know (And Why) EHE Director Elliot Smith and Chief Financial Officer Ross Faith explain all


How To Bring The Right People On Board To Support Fast Growth

Nobody is good enough (or has enough time) to do everything.
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EHE Capital – Meet The Founders: Gary Fletcher’s Story

There have been many twists and turns in the journey that led me to become co-founder of EHE Capital. There have been times of success and a healthy amount of failures too, but I’d say managing to stay happily married for 30 years is probably my biggest achievement! Along with that, I built a business and sold it for nine figures, and acquired and built a property company with 30 different residential and commercial units in Chester.
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How To Recruit Senior-Level Executives For Fast Growth

Over the last few months, Guy and I have discussed the importance of hiring a strong management team in a new, fast-growing business. Not only will they provide new skills that you don’t have, but they will also be able to do a lot of the tasks you can do but don’t necessarily enjoy doing.
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The Best Way To Structure Your Boardroom

This article is all about the boardroom and the importance of the chair and the non-executive in your business. Knowing how to find the best sort of people for your board can be a tricky task for the entrepreneur so I want to share some of my experiences with various boardrooms to help you figure out who you want to have on the board and how to spot the ones to avoid.
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4 Great Ways To Stay In Control During Private Equity Deals

Private equity deals are very complex. I could probably write an entire book on just one part of a deal, so covering everything in a short blog would be too ambitious a task.
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Why Every Entrepreneur Needs Unique Ability®

Everyone has something they are uniquely brilliant at. However, finding out what that is isn’t always an easy process.
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How To Stay Ahead Of The Curve After COVID-19

Whichever way you look at it, COVID-19 has had a massive effect on businesses across pretty much every sector.
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What Is Private Equity And How Does It Work?

Private equity or private funds can be raised from various sources, so it’s important that entrepreneurs can recognise which one is best for their business.
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Introducing EHE Capital

Hi, I’m Gary Fletcher, co-founder of EHE Capital (Entrepreneurs Helping Entrepreneurs), and welcome to the first of many blogs designed with the entrepreneur in mind!
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