4 Top Tips To Take Your Business To The Next Level

Wednesday 29 June 2022

We’re over halfway through the year now, and it’s been a fast and furious six months at EHE Capital.

On top of making milestone investments and continuing to grow our community of entrepreneurs, we’ve also hosted a whole range of exciting conversations on our Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together podcast.

This probably all feels like a lot to take in, so this week we thought we’d take a breath and reflect on some of the biggest takeaways from our recent guests. In this blog, you’ll find four key insights from some of the sharpest entrepreneurs, investors, coaches and advisers out there. Their inspiring ideas truly reflect the strength and diversity of the innovation community that EHE has worked to build over the past two years.


  1. Always have a GAME Plan®


To get us started, I want to take you back to Thursday 10 February, when we spoke with John Kenny-Levick from Kenwell. Kenwell are a financial life planning agency launched in 2021 by John and his business partner David Howell to address one of the biggest gaps in the financial planning and advice market.


Unlike your average financial advisers, Kenwell are focused on understanding their clients as people, then crafting a plan specifically tailored to their personal needs, goals and ambitions.


John: “We plan the person first, and the money after. If we’re talking to a business owner, our message would be: you’re a human first, living a life. So let’s get that planned right, let’s find out what the cost is for you to have the life that you want to live. What we’ve found with business owners is it gives them far more juice and focus around decision-making, planning and execution in their businesses as well.”


One of Kenwell’s main goals is to help their clients see money as a tool that will enable them to live the life they want to live, rather than a goal in itself. This allows them to help entrepreneurs focus on what’s motivating their success beyond the raw numbers.


Guy: “I think most entrepreneurs have a number in their head that they want to achieve. But the reality is, there probably isn’t much substance behind that number… Kenwell talk to the entrepreneur, and you say, ‘Okay, look, what’s going to make you happy in life, what do you want to achieve?’ You’re looking for what people really want out of life over the next 10–20 years.”


Kenwell’s number one tool for helping clients understand their own motivations and use them as the basis for their financial life plan is the GAME Plan®. This is a four-step system: G = Goals, A = Action,  M = Means, E = Execution.


Check out our full podcast and blog with John to discover more, or visit the Kenwell website and try out their Financial Well-being Scorecard®!


  1. Find your Unique Ability®


On Thursday 10 March, Gary had the great pleasure of chatting with Julia Waller from Strategic Coach®. Julia has been with Strategic Coach® for 25 years, and her speciality is helping people find their Unique Ability® – that specific set of passions and talents that defines each one of us as individuals.


Gary and Julia spoke about how Unique Ability® is the cornerstone of Strategic Coach®’s approach to building confidence and effectiveness amongst their community of entrepreneurs.


Gary: “It hits you so hard as an entrepreneur. You know, you go through some difficult times, but Unique Ability® is a real grounding for me and just about everybody else on the programme. It’s such a cornerstone of your whole being.


Julia: “Our whole premise for growth and expanding your freedom and happiness is based around what you love to do, and how you uniquely create value for other people in the world and entrepreneurs are right there on the cutting edge of creating value.”


The core premise behind Unique Ability® is to help entrepreneurs realise what it is that they do better than everyone else around them, giving them a clear view of skills that they might otherwise take for granted.


Julia: “A lot of our clients are visionaries, or they’re super competitors, or they’re great at building relationships, and they have all these different talents and strengths. But a lot of people just take them for granted. They just assume that other people are like that too. I think we all do that as humans because we’re inside the bottle. We can’t read the label from inside the jar.”


This not only allows them to be more confident in delivering their own skills, but can help them identify areas where they need to delegate or bring in outside support to round out their team. Some of us are visionaries, whilst others are better at bringing clarity and focus to someone else’s vision. It’s all about finding the right blend.


Check out the blog to find out more, or visit the Strategic Coach® website to learn about their amazing programmes.


  1. Make the right connections


On Thursday 24 March, we were delighted to welcome Gordon Bateman from Investor Ladder, a global network of incubators, accelerators and investors of all stages, working together to achieve high impact and high returns.


Just like EHE, Investor Ladder is working to build a richer, more well-connected innovation community across the UK. A partnership between the two was always going to be a no-brainer, and we look forward to working alongside Gordon and his team in the future.


Guy: “The introduction to Investor Ladder was incredibly helpful, because all of a sudden we had a large network of investors that I could go to events and chat to. We clearly had very complementary businesses.”


Gordon reflected on his journey so far with Investor Ladder, which began with his passion for helping to accelerate growth and innovation in areas outside the traditional “golden triangle” around Cambridge, Oxford and London. Like many great ideas, Investor Ladder began life as something of an accident.


Gordon: “I was talking to some investors in London who were finding it difficult to navigate the innovation landscape outside of London, and I was hearing a lot of people in the North-West saying they didn’t understand the investment landscape in London. I invited a couple of people for lunch, and they invited a few of their friends.


Having never done anything like this before, we thought, ‘Let’s give it a go. Let’s get some people together who can genuinely invest in businesses and genuinely have an interest in the regions.’ We ended up with £16 billion-worth of active funds, plus some high-net-worth individuals and investment banks, in a room in Manchester for an investor lunch.”


This initial meeting went so well that it has eventually grown into a network of over 500 investors, with regular invite-only events, resources for members, and so many opportunities to connect with other investors as well as potential investees.


You can check for upcoming Investor Ladder events here. Attendance is invite-only, but Gordon and his team are happy to receive applications.


  1. Secure high-growth funding


Last but not least, let’s look back to Thursday 7 April, when we met with Nigel Lombard from Peppercorn – the recipients of the first ever entrepreneur investment from EHE Capital!


Peppercorn’s goal is to transform the customer experience when buying car insurance – a market ripe for disruption, I’m sure we’ll all agree. They’ve combined tech and data to create an automated self-service platform powered by an AI assistant. This system will radically lower the costs associated with selling car insurance, a saving that can then be passed on to consumers.


Peppercorn’s mission is to offer consumers the ultimate combination of value, flexibility and accessibility.


Nigel: “What we’re really trying to do is empower our customers so that they can use their digital channel of choice at their convenience, whatever time of day they want. No more call centres, no more fixed online forms – a fully flexible digital self-service. Access anytime, anywhere, through pretty much any digital medium.”


EHE’s decision to invest in Peppercorn can be boiled down to three main factors: team, idea and tech. To back a project, we need to see a great team with the right blend of expertise, experience and passion, a great idea ready to tap a well of unmet consumer demand, and a product that’s ready to deliver on the team’s vision. Clearly, we think Peppercorn has all three!


Guy: “When we started EHE, we always thought we wouldn’t be supporting startups, we thought we’d be supporting high-growth companies. Actually, Nigel and his team kind of blew that out of the water… These guys are all massively experienced, not just in the corporate world and in the insurance industry, but also in the startup world.


This technology will make life much easier for the younger folk that want to use mobile phones or tablets all the time to do business and, actually, they only want to speak to somebody when they want to speak to somebody. They’re quite happy to go down the purely digital route. But if they do want to speak to someone, because they’ve got a bit of an issue they just can’t quite figure out, then there are people there.


Team, idea and tech – make these your priority if you want to secure backing from EHE, or indeed from any savvy investor.


There you have it: four valuable lessons from some of the smartest people in the business. If you think you’re ready to put what you’ve learned here into practice, then you can apply for funding or submit a pitch deck through the EHE website. Alternatively, you can join our community to access resources that will support you on your journey towards fast growth. For investors, please register with us today so you don’t miss out on being the next Peppercorn!


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