3 Tactics Entrepreneurs Use To Boost Creativity And Build Business

Wednesday 5 January 2022

If I told you that you could take more time off than ever before and double your income, would you think I was joking?

Passionate entrepreneurs tend to be so “driven” that a “complete day off” seems absurd, yet when you do it and find yourself fully rejuvenated with twice the creativity to drive your business forward, you’ll soon change your belief that hard work alone brings success (in fact it leads to burn out).


In last week’s blog, we explored the importance of surrounding yourself with ambitious entrepreneurs who have a positive growth mindset, but you need more than that if you want to make progress. You need the tactics to underpin your strategy and accelerate business growth.


Find your tribe

At EHE Capital we fundamentally believe that any entrepreneur who wants to be more successful can benefit from a personal and professional coaching or mastermind programme (and the community that it provides). There are many programmes to choose from. As I mentioned in the previous blog, I chose Abundance 360 and Strategic Coach®.

I met both of my business partners, Gary Fletcher (EHE Capital) and Dave Zumpano (Guidr), through Strategic Coach®. Because of the friendships that I built through the programme, there are multiple people that I can call whenever I have a problem that doesn’t fall within my Unique Ability® (what you love and do best).


Three tactics to revolutionise your business

I’ve benefited enormously from the tools Strategic Coach® encourages you to adopt:

  1. Focus on your Unique Ability®
  2. Adopt a new time system (free days, focus days, buffer days)
  3. Positive focus.


1) Focus on your Unique Ability®

At Strategic Coach®, we go through a process (including feedback from other people) to find out our own Unique Abilities®; one of mine is my ability to build a unique team (which has also inspired me to build new companies!).

For the last 14 years, I have operated as much as possible within my Unique Ability® because I enjoy it and it makes everyone more efficient (which helps grow the business faster). I delegate the tasks outside my Unique Ability® to someone who thrives in that area.

Strategic Coach® encourages you to ask “Who?” not “How?” In other words, when faced with a challenge or an unappealing task, don’t focus on how to do it, instead find the right person and delegate to them (because it will be their Unique Ability®).

When you delegate, you free up time, which leads us to the second tactic.


2) Adopt a new time system (free days, focus days, buffer days)

I invited Strategic Coach® Operations Team Leader for the UK, Andrea Fallows, to share the other two tactics that you can use to revolutionise how you do business (listen to our conversation on the podcast).

Andrea made this second tactic sound very simple, but it goes against the grain of what most entrepreneurs habitually do. At first you might think these concepts are not for you (I did), but after a few months of trying them you’ll realise that they make a massive difference to your business and your personal life.

Andrea: “Divide the days of the week into three different types of day: free days, focus days and buffer days. On free days, you do nothing but rest and rejuvenate (strictly no work-related activities). Focus days are all about carrying out your money-making activities. Buffer days are catch-up days where you reply to emails and whatever else needs your attention.

Within the first two or three years of using this time system, an entrepreneur will be taking more time off and will likely double their income because they’re far more focused (and rested).”

I struggled to adapt to this system, but I persevered and it made an amazing difference. Downtime allows the creative sparks to fly. The third tactic (which we touched on in our previous blog) is positive focus.


3) Positive focus

Andrea: “We reflect back on the top five achievements during the last quarter. It stops people beating themselves up and focusing on all the things they didn’t manage to do. It helps them to see where their focus has taken their business over the last 90 days.”

Founder of Strategic Coach®, Dan Sullivan, talks about this concept in his book (with Dr Benjamin Hardy) The Gap and The Gain. He explains that you can measure yourself against an ideal, which puts you in “the gap”, or you can appreciate where you are now in relation to where you started, and instead put yourself in “the gain”. 

The gap and the gain is a powerful concept that supports you to feel fulfilled as you grow your business (as opposed to stressed at what you still have to accomplish).

Although this way of thinking might be unfamiliar, the more you do it, the more natural and beneficial it becomes. My mindset has shifted so much, there are times that I struggle to have conversations with people who think like I used to. Now if I watch the news or hear people talking about problems, I realise that what they are saying bears little resemblance to my experience in the real world. It can be the same for you!


Find a programme to suit you

I hope you’re inspired to experiment with the tactics that Andrea and I have shared in this blog. Ask your friends or colleagues what they see as your Unique Ability®, use the time system and note the benefits, and reflect on the progress you have made in the last 90 days (get out of the gap and into the gain).

If you are serious about taking your business to the next level, find the right coaching or mastermind programme for you. You’re welcome to email me at to ask any questions about how Strategic Coach® helped me accelerate my personal and professional growth, or message Andrea at Strategic Coach® for information about introductory workshops.

P.S. And remember that EHE Capital has a vibrant community of ambitious tech entrepreneurs willing to offer peer support. Join us!


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