2 Business Axioms For Entrepreneurs & For Life

Thursday 2 December 2021

An axiom is a Greek word and philosophical term that refers to something so self-evident that you don’t need any proof of it. I have two business axioms for entrepreneurs that guide me in living my life and running my business.

I was born in 1944 on a farm in northern Ohio, and although I was number five in a family of seven children, I had no peer playmates until I started school, which was a six-mile drive from our home. I was an alert, curious, happy kid, and I was very interactive with my parents and other adults I’d encounter.
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Why The Right CRM Tools Help Secure, Grow And Retain Customers

Imagine you have applied for funding that could revolutionise your business growth, then a high-level investor starts to examine how you look after your customers (due diligence); would their findings encourage them to sign you up or walk away?
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