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Why The Right CRM Tools Help Secure, Grow And Retain Customers

Imagine you have applied for funding that could revolutionise your business growth, then a high-level investor starts to examine how you look after your customers (due diligence); would their findings encourage them to sign you up or walk away?
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3 Ways To Avoid The Cancel Culture When Seeking Investment

What does your online presence reveal about you? Have you ever stopped to consider how your social media history might be perceived by an investor or interested party? If you haven’t, it’s time to start.
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3 Ways To Build A Strong Mindset And Grow Your Tech Business

This blog will give you three simple ways to think about your business more creatively and support you to build a strong mindset to take your company into that period of fast growth.
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2 Business Axioms For Entrepreneurs & For Life

An axiom is a Greek word and philosophical term that refers to something so self-evident that you don’t need any proof of it. I have two business axioms for entrepreneurs that guide me in living my life and running my business.
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What Is AI - And Why Is It A Big Deal Now?

This is not another “What is AI?” blog. There are already too many of those out there that will tell you the history and basic principles of artificial intelligence. However, in spite of all the blogs out there, there’s not much said on why we should be using AI now. What’s made it so special over the last few years?
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