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    The Dream Drivers Model: 3 Must-Have Qualities for A Successful SaaS Product

    In this blog post, we’ll explore what we’ve learned from Dream Drivers’ model about the must-have qualities of a phenomenal SaaS product and how it ticks these boxes.
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    7 Simple Tips To Win The Funding Your Business Needs

    Here at EHE, we work with entrepreneurs and investors – supporting them as needed, including with securing funding. In our most recent episode of Extraordinary Entrepreneurs Together, we heard from David Agar and EHE director Elliot Smith – during their conversation, David shared a few of the key components of his business as he prepares to go for investment.
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    2 Simple Considerations That Help To Secure Investment During A Recession

    Something that has been on everyone’s minds recently has been the fear of a looming recession. Previously, Gary and I have talked about how even recessions have a silver lining and how there are always opportunities to come from them.
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    What Is AI - And Why Is It A Big Deal Now?

    This is not another “What is AI?” blog. There are already too many of those out there that will tell you the history and basic principles of artificial intelligence. However, in spite of all the blogs out there, there’s not much said on why we should be using AI now. What’s made it so special over the last few years?
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    We are street smart entrepreneurs

    Been there, done that…

    We will take you further, faster.

    While journeying into the unknown is part of the excitement, our experience will give you a clearer path to realising your full potential.

    We have built and transformed high growth 8 & 9-figure businesses.

    There is nothing we haven’t experienced and collectively we have an impressive collection of badges and scars, We want you to benefit from these valuable lessons and our proven model for rapid scaling.


    Unrivalled network

    Synergistic partnerships.

    We are going to come right out and say it (because that’s the way we operate). You will achieve extraordinarily more with us than you possibly could without us.

    It’s not 1+1=2. It’s 1+1=3 (x10). We call it the multiplier.

    Along with our proven model, we put you in the big league by connecting you with synergistic partnerships from our highly influential network.


    We exist to serve you

    Your goals are our goals.

    It’s not about us. It’s about you. It’s our job to understand what makes you tick. And to put everything in your path to bring you success as quickly and easily as possible.

    So it’s what we achieve for you that really defines us and sets us apart.

    We are personally and emotionally invested in your success. Your goals are our goals. And we fast track, every time.


    Looking for growth.

    You want to boost the growth of your business.


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    You want to help other entrepreneurs to succeed & thrive.

    The 4 M’s


    We do this by providing four key ingredients for high velocity growth, centred exclusively around you.
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    Embrace and magnify the entrepreneurial mindset.


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